Sunday, 16 February 2014


First one for a while.  2014 has seen a change in attitude for me.  After a rough 2013 with personal stuff and work combining to make it a fairly miserable year 2014 has seen me change my attitude and fully commit to getting to where I need to be.  Last year I was dabbling if I am honest.  I joined the gym in October went a few times then didn’t go again until the back end of December.  I have tried to learn to be more positive and it seems to be going well at the moment.  Using self talk and some other techniques to try and curb of the downers I regularly used to experience. 

I am not sure what has relit my fire for fitness but so far it is going well.  I am seeing a personal trainer once per month and every two months having a bioanalysis done.  This is allowing me to set some really achievable goals and also to lose weight more effectively as I am not just cycling.  Doing some really interesting workouts that are modified and varied to keep me interested.  I have just signed up for my first pilates class on Friday!  Wish me luck!

January saw me for the first time in ages sit down and actually write down some short term goals.  My long term goal is 15.5stone and a good engine for the bike.

Januarys Goals where;

Gym – 2 times per week
Run – 4km running twice per week
Cycling – Add extra miles to commute (not achieved due to weather)
Food – no alcohol, chocolate, bread or takeaways

Target set for running is a 6mile Sport Relief challenge at the end of March

You may think that there is a lot to go on here but I have managed to achieve it.  I am not missing bread or any of the other no’s.  I am having one treat day a month where I can have a pizza and some other bits and pieces.  To go along with the no’s I have looked at my diet and made sure that I am eating a bit more wiser.  More veg and fruit are the order of the year!!

Going to do an update each month!  Thanks for reading!