Sunday, 25 March 2012

Theee sunn isss shinninnnggg!!

Friday April 6th @ 11:00am Kick Off

Sale Leisure Centre vs Altrincham Leisure Centre

Charity Football Match @ Partington Sports Village

50p Spectator Fee – Cake stall and raffle tickets available

A bit of early advertising never hurts right?  I hope you can all make it down to watch the game and participate in some cake eating.  A few people have kindly agreed to bake for me but if its something you feel you want to get involved with please let me know.  Also looking for a couple of volunteers to help with the cakes and selling raffle tickets so if your interested either comment below or you can email me at

This week we managed to raise £20.00 which takes the total to £845.00.  Again thanks to everyone who has donated and please if you want to donate please do!  The web address is or you can speak to me in person or via the email above!   I also have some raffle tickets for a 50/50 draw whereby you could win 50% of the takings from the sales of the raffle tickets!  There are 1000 tickets so you could potentially win £1000 if we manage to sell them all!

This week has been an absolute pleasure to ride in.  The weather has been absolutely fantastic and made for my fastest time to work on Thursday.  11.4miles in 39 minutes with a few traffic light stops in there for good measure.  This worked out at an average speed of 17.5mph, which is pretty good going for me.  Had a pretty poor event happen on the way home on Friday when some fools threw two glass bottles at me as I was cycling past in Stretford.  Not a nice experience as they missed by mere inches.  I cannot believe people would intentionally go out to hurt others in such a mindless manner.   Then to perk me up a little a chap on a hybrid jumped past me at the lights and went for it so I responded and left him with lycra images.  This lightened my mood somewhat!

On top of the commuting mark we had some fun on the wattbikes on Wednesday evening taking up the challenge to see how far we could cycle in 30seconds.  In answer 504 metres.  In perspective Sir Chris Hoy can cycle 200+ metres in 10 seconds, which is amazing.  Mark and I also got out for a ride.  A double loop of the Town > Stretford > Urmston > Partington > Lymm > Altrincham > Sale > Home ride.  The weather was glorious and we both generally felt great even after spending 3.5hours in the saddle.  I did however contrive to miss a clip in on the way back and smash my particulars into the front of the seat not my best of moments! 

The events will start to come thick and fast so keep an eye out and come and support us people!  Have a great week and let us hope the lovely weather continues!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

To Blackpool...are we lost...

Hello everyone,

Sorry I am late by a lot this week been very busy on the bike this weekend and trying to fit everything else around it.  Training for the Ireland ride.  This week saw a number of really good training days and I’m going to include today in that also (Monday 19th)  Hit a good ride on Tuesday up around Partington then out to Lymm, Altrincham and back into town via Oxford Road.  It was my best ride of the week for consistency of speed and I felt good all the way around.  Wednesday saw the Wattbike Wednesday session and a bit of banter on Twitter with @wattbike and @markoreilly before the session added some spice.  A few sprint intervals later and a maximum effort where I was over 1100watts and Mark was over 10watts we called it a draw!  This weekend saw both Mark O’Reilly and myself head out for three days of training for the Ireland adventure.  Saturday saw a repeat of the Tuesday route and a revelation revealed itself in Mark’s great climbing (hills on a cycle) ability.  Very impressed.  He does weigh in at 62kg and is a fit guy so if I had put together this I should have expected him to climb well, none the less very nice.  Like I have said before I am hoping to get better at this aspect of cycling over the next few months and that can only come through training and weight loss.  I do enjoy climbing but not seeing people disappearing at the first sight of a hill.  Saying that on Sunday we took a trip up to The Old Brickworks again in Macclesfield and it wasn’t to bad.  Legs where tired and I am struggling with the gears on me bike still it does not want to go into the low gears so I’m going to have to take that to get looked at again.  Not sure if it’s me mistreating the bike or just a mechanical fault.  So Monday we decided to try and go some way into the route up to Blackpool using my near faultless memory and directional sense…needless to say after about an hour and a half we got lost ended up in Wigan did a big circuit and headed back to Manchester with a puncture thrown in on the way back for good measure.  We didn’t just go home though and took in the Partington > Lymm > Alty > Town route again.  My legs where not responding very well on the ride today and I am still not getting the water/food balance correct I don’t think.  One thing I have found is that Jam butties are great for energy food!

I have had a new cycling app recommended to me.  It is called Strava and it is a GPS tracker with a difference.  The difference is it allows you to set up an account and try to beat others segments.  A point from A to B is measured and a leaderboard produced.  It obviously creates some competition.  The other thing it does is allows you to see where you are improving by having an achievements section.  It does use a lot of battery power nearly 100% over 5 hours.

This coming week will see a couple of gym sessions thrown in and a Wattbike Wednesday.   This is so I can start to work on muscles, which are being recruited but are not the primary’s for cycling.  This will help with muscle fatigue and also help to increase aerobic capacity.  Also I need some variation as the bike is where I have been living for a while and a change is as good as a rest.  Not that I won’t be cycling at all mind!

On the charity front I am going to sit down this week and see what day my cameraman and Mrs can come and film the great tiger cycle ride to Partington.   So watch this space for some entertaining video and pics!  Should hopefully be done by mid April!

You can donate here at and if you are feeling really generous you can also donate to if you want to split a donation between the two of us that would be most awesome!

This week we raised a great £44.00 so thanks to all who donated to the cause and keep the donations coming.  This leaves me on 55% of the total I need to raise and £825.00 to the good.

Cheers all and catch you this week hopefully!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Doppy Dog

Hiyas!  What a week of variance!  The start of the week saw the daily grind take hold for a few days until Thursday really.  Commute…work…commute…eat…sleep REPEAT x 3.  Thursday the week came to life with some enjoyment.  Some people would call it torture or a waste of time but not I.  A trip out to some nice hills around Macclesfield with my good friend Ted.  It was nice to get out and do a three hour ride but the company was good to.  It is the second time this year we have been able to get out and ride.  This time there was a bit more time to chat as there where a few more hills to grind up and chew the phat.  To be honest I was mostly just saying yes and no as I laboured up them but not as laboured as last year.  The ride gave me a huge amount of confidence and I have improved in a number of ways.  A couple of mph faster on the climbs and no stopping meant I was chuffed on reaching the top of the climbs.  There was still a little bit of ‘bonking’ (running out of energy in the legs) on the trip back from Macclesfield but I survived longer this time.  I also managed to fall off at a set of traffic lights whilst trying to unclip.  You think you have a skill nailed down then it bites you in the ass!  I also managed to get a little lost when I left Ted in Wilmslow and like a doppy dog chased some buses down Princess Parkway with nothing left in the tank.  So enjoyed it.  Euphoric.  No wattbikes this week after calamity Wednesday when Mark left his phone at home and sat beeping outside of my block of flats in the vain hope of attracting my attention, which he didnt of course whilst i was texting asking if he was ok lol.  Agh well there's always this week!

Onto the charity fundraising.  It’s going great guns!  Again thank you to everyone who has donated this week and in over the course of the effort.  I would like to say sorry if I have been annoying people in my efforts to get people to donate.  It’s a combination of over excitement, nervousness at trying to raise the £1500 and just generally trying to remind people to donate if they have said they would.  So apologies if you have seen it as badgering etc.  This week saw the total surpass £750 and as promised I will be donning my tiger suit for a ride to work in Partington.  Just need to finalise the photography and maybe a cheeky video then I will let you know the date and time!  I will obviously post the pics and video on here also!!

Raised this week £63.00

Total Raised so far £781.00

I have some raffle tickets to sell with a possible top prize of £1000 so if you want any please let me know. There is also the Charity Football Match on the 7th April at Partington Sports Village at 13:30 please come down and watch should be entertaining.  Finally there are rumours of a race night being held so watch this space!

Enjoy your week people!

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Had a busy week and a nice few days off to top it all off.  Been commuting in really nice weather is so nice.  It’s allowed me to go the long way home through the back of Partington via Dunham Massey and back through Altrincham and Sale.  The traffic is rush hour style at the time I’m getting back which is a little annoying but I’ll have to get used to it!  The end of the week has seen two days worth of nice rides.  By this I mean 2 hours ish.  I have also had the pleasure of getting out with company, which always spurs me on and keeps me pushing.   Nice weather plus company equals a happy Crossland.

A couple of people have asked me about figures.  The statistics of my weight loss over the past 12 months.  To be honest I haven’t got any precise figures of the loss.  I am going off clothes like I said before.  I have, however got a couple of pictures, which kind of sum up the journey.

Late 2010
Feb 2012

So you may be able to see a small difference…  Honestly though I can’t believe I was that big.  I have had a mental picture of myself over the years and it is hard to try and get my head around the fact that I was that big.  It has taken me a while to get to where I am and it will take a good few months to get to where I’m going but to say I am happy with the progress is an understatement.  If I had the time to thank people who have helped and those who have pushed I would list them here.  At the end of the day though I have to give myself a firm pat on the back as it is me who is doing this.  I’m giving myself a clap :-)  Thanks to you all and keep pushing me it helps!

My favourite topic is obviously the bike at the moment as it has been for some time now and I am certain will be for a number of years to come.  I have been preparing for the Ireland ride over the last few weeks and if anyone thinks cycling is a cheap hobby can think again!  Bib shorts, shoes, bike fit, new stem and seat (because I really really really don’t want a case of numb groin again!) and a host of other bits and bobs for the trip.  I am really confident it’s all coming together nicely and I will be well on the way come June.  I went to see Rich at Pedal Precision (  again this week, his plush new office at the Velodrome suits his expertise.  I also want to say how much of a genius Rich is at what he does…he is a genius.  We spoke about an issue with my knee, which has been causing me pain and my fear of numb groin returning during the Ireland ride.  Reassured, cleats adjusted a little tinkering with the position on the bike, new stem and saddle and I am 100% confident I will make it around Ireland. 

On the charity front everything is coming together nicely apart from being rejected for a bag packing stint at my local ASDA.  Just a letter back saying no sorry.  No reason has left me a bit frustrated with them.  It has been another good week for donations this week we have collected £71.50 leaving my running total so far at £718  As we speak I am having the Tiger suit dry cleaned and have arranged for a good friend to come and get some photographic evidence.  There may even be a short film if I get a headcam in time.  Watch this space (or not if it offends).  Over the next two months I will be selling raffle tickets for £2 a ticket with a chance to win half of all the money collected from the raffle ticket sales it’s called a 50/50 raffle!   Please let me know if you would like to buy some or if you can sell some, which would be a great help!

See you next week people.  Have a great week!