Sunday, 11 March 2012

Doppy Dog

Hiyas!  What a week of variance!  The start of the week saw the daily grind take hold for a few days until Thursday really.  Commute…work…commute…eat…sleep REPEAT x 3.  Thursday the week came to life with some enjoyment.  Some people would call it torture or a waste of time but not I.  A trip out to some nice hills around Macclesfield with my good friend Ted.  It was nice to get out and do a three hour ride but the company was good to.  It is the second time this year we have been able to get out and ride.  This time there was a bit more time to chat as there where a few more hills to grind up and chew the phat.  To be honest I was mostly just saying yes and no as I laboured up them but not as laboured as last year.  The ride gave me a huge amount of confidence and I have improved in a number of ways.  A couple of mph faster on the climbs and no stopping meant I was chuffed on reaching the top of the climbs.  There was still a little bit of ‘bonking’ (running out of energy in the legs) on the trip back from Macclesfield but I survived longer this time.  I also managed to fall off at a set of traffic lights whilst trying to unclip.  You think you have a skill nailed down then it bites you in the ass!  I also managed to get a little lost when I left Ted in Wilmslow and like a doppy dog chased some buses down Princess Parkway with nothing left in the tank.  So enjoyed it.  Euphoric.  No wattbikes this week after calamity Wednesday when Mark left his phone at home and sat beeping outside of my block of flats in the vain hope of attracting my attention, which he didnt of course whilst i was texting asking if he was ok lol.  Agh well there's always this week!

Onto the charity fundraising.  It’s going great guns!  Again thank you to everyone who has donated this week and in over the course of the effort.  I would like to say sorry if I have been annoying people in my efforts to get people to donate.  It’s a combination of over excitement, nervousness at trying to raise the £1500 and just generally trying to remind people to donate if they have said they would.  So apologies if you have seen it as badgering etc.  This week saw the total surpass £750 and as promised I will be donning my tiger suit for a ride to work in Partington.  Just need to finalise the photography and maybe a cheeky video then I will let you know the date and time!  I will obviously post the pics and video on here also!!

Raised this week £63.00

Total Raised so far £781.00

I have some raffle tickets to sell with a possible top prize of £1000 so if you want any please let me know. There is also the Charity Football Match on the 7th April at Partington Sports Village at 13:30 please come down and watch should be entertaining.  Finally there are rumours of a race night being held so watch this space!

Enjoy your week people!

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