Sunday, 25 March 2012

Theee sunn isss shinninnnggg!!

Friday April 6th @ 11:00am Kick Off

Sale Leisure Centre vs Altrincham Leisure Centre

Charity Football Match @ Partington Sports Village

50p Spectator Fee – Cake stall and raffle tickets available

A bit of early advertising never hurts right?  I hope you can all make it down to watch the game and participate in some cake eating.  A few people have kindly agreed to bake for me but if its something you feel you want to get involved with please let me know.  Also looking for a couple of volunteers to help with the cakes and selling raffle tickets so if your interested either comment below or you can email me at

This week we managed to raise £20.00 which takes the total to £845.00.  Again thanks to everyone who has donated and please if you want to donate please do!  The web address is or you can speak to me in person or via the email above!   I also have some raffle tickets for a 50/50 draw whereby you could win 50% of the takings from the sales of the raffle tickets!  There are 1000 tickets so you could potentially win £1000 if we manage to sell them all!

This week has been an absolute pleasure to ride in.  The weather has been absolutely fantastic and made for my fastest time to work on Thursday.  11.4miles in 39 minutes with a few traffic light stops in there for good measure.  This worked out at an average speed of 17.5mph, which is pretty good going for me.  Had a pretty poor event happen on the way home on Friday when some fools threw two glass bottles at me as I was cycling past in Stretford.  Not a nice experience as they missed by mere inches.  I cannot believe people would intentionally go out to hurt others in such a mindless manner.   Then to perk me up a little a chap on a hybrid jumped past me at the lights and went for it so I responded and left him with lycra images.  This lightened my mood somewhat!

On top of the commuting mark we had some fun on the wattbikes on Wednesday evening taking up the challenge to see how far we could cycle in 30seconds.  In answer 504 metres.  In perspective Sir Chris Hoy can cycle 200+ metres in 10 seconds, which is amazing.  Mark and I also got out for a ride.  A double loop of the Town > Stretford > Urmston > Partington > Lymm > Altrincham > Sale > Home ride.  The weather was glorious and we both generally felt great even after spending 3.5hours in the saddle.  I did however contrive to miss a clip in on the way back and smash my particulars into the front of the seat not my best of moments! 

The events will start to come thick and fast so keep an eye out and come and support us people!  Have a great week and let us hope the lovely weather continues!

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