Monday, 2 April 2012

Charity football and cakes

Friday April 6th @ 11:00am Kick Off

Sale Leisure Centre vs Altrincham Leisure Centre

Charity Football Match @ Partington Sports Village

50p Spectator Fee – Cake stall and raffle tickets (£2 each with a possible prize of £1000) available

Another glorious week it was.  Really enjoyed the commuting this week although the mornings have been chilly.  More then made up for though with a sunny return home.  Thursday saw a trip out with Mr Gordon into Cheshire and my first view of Alderley Edge, which was spectacular.  It also gave me a little break after cycling up Wizard Hill, which is in all honesty a bit of a beast.  There was also a deceptively strong wind, which Ted did well to shield me from (he was route finder).  I did a little bit on the straights and found it ok.  It was nice to sit on someones wheel as Mark who I usually ride with is small and doesn’t provide much shelter in that department.  Saving the energy was definitely something I noticed.  I am guessing that in Ireland we are going to face some strong winds but we will have to see what happens.  The other bonus to the route is the cycling app Strava that we are all using.  It basically tracks your route and allows you to record PB’s but also it uploads them to a website where you compete along certain segments with other riders.  A few of us are taking it quite seriously others are just happy with beating their previous bests.  It is good banter to see everyone putting max efforts in on certain segments for bragging rights.

Thursday also saw another massive effort from the Swim Trafford ladies and gents during spinning.  It was good to see everyone putting in 110% even Coach Stannard was impressive!  April 19th will see a charity spin and more info will follow about this.  James and Jan at Stretford are doing a great job of getting people signed up to the charity spinning masterclass on May 5th so many thanks to them.

This Friday sees the face off between Sale and Altrincham Leisure centres.  Braging rights for another few months at stake.  The game kicks off at 11:00am.  I am hoping the weather stays fairly nice and does not revert to being freezing for the game.  Please feel free to come down the game should be entertaining and the cake stall will have some professional wares from Lushbrownies (Twitter: @lushbrownies).  There will also be some other baked items on sale to :-))

This week we managed to raise £145.00 which takes the total to £990.00.  Again thanks to everyone who has donated and please if you want to donate please do!  A special thank you to Mr Mark Beddis who made an amazing £100 donation this week.  Very much appreciated and very generous!  May karma reward you this week sir!  I would also like to say a big thank you to Julie Kippax on her raffle ticket selling exploits!  The address to donate is or you can speak to me in person or via email (  above!   I also have some raffle tickets for a 50/50 draw whereby you could win 50% of the takings from the sales of the raffle tickets!  There are 1000 tickets so you could potentially win £1000 if we manage to sell them all!

Have a great week everyone and sorry about being late again!

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