Sunday, 8 April 2012

Eggs and Aches

Merry Easter!

Today sees a very very stiff James typing to you.  Good Friday saw the massive football game between Sale and Altrincham.  The turnout was immense a crowd of around forty people (more then at some City games this season) came down to watch this epic clash and braved the overcast drizzly weather.  The game was hotly contested with some moments of brilliance and some moments of controversy.  Obviously being a man of high values and morale integrity I couldn’t possibly say that one of Altrincham’s goals was about 10 yards offside…oops.  The game was very even and after extra time and a last ten second equaliser from James Jackson the score ended up 4-4.   Again I would just like to thank everyone who came down and supported us and to all the players who payed to play.  Special thanks to the cake bakers and the organisers of both teams.  All in all the game has raised in the region of £210 which is an excellent total!  Both Mark and myself are immensely grateful for your support! 

I haven’t been out this week on a big cycle for two reasons.  Earlier in the week it was my belief that I would be having a nice four days of long ride training session over the Easter weekend.  My body however has put paid to that and I am hoping to get over the muscle soreness, bruising and generally not being able to move after the football game for a ride on Monday and Tuesday.  I have not been in this much pain since the last time I played football.  Maybe my body is trying to tell me something i.e stop playing football.  I did really enjoy the football though and love getting involved with the games.  It was especially good as it was for charity.  So I will be out tomorrow on some hills somewhere so please listen out for the screams!! 

My commute has turned from a nice 35 – 40minutes effort to being infected with Strava competitiveness and trying to smash different segments.  The competition demon is raising its head.  My best effort this week was a 3rd out of 49 people who have attempted the Partington Mile Sprint heading towards Urmston.  I nearly goosed myself and still had 30 minutes riding to do to get home!  It really is quite addictive knowing that you are challenging others openly online!

On the fundraising front this week people donated a superb £80.00 taking the total up to £1080.00.  Closing in on the target of £1500 quickly now.  We have a few events left to run which should see us raise enough money to get over the line.  We are keeping the event money together until after the last event and splitting it between Mark and myself onto our pages so don’t worry if you don’t see massive lumps of money being deposited.  We will have our last event on the 25th May and then will add the money to the donations pages! 

If you still want to donate you can do at or you can email me to buy some raffle tickets for our 50/50 draw.  Next event will be a Race Night;

Again many thanks to everyone so far for their donations and support!!

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