Sunday, 15 April 2012

Horses for courses

Ola everyone!

This morning saw a return to the training cycling with a nice ride out with Mark O’Reilly.  After the knee being bad last week.  The commutes where not to bad but left the knee a bit sore after both legs of the commute.  It has got better though and today was a good ride.  55 miles with some nice little climbs and decents on a familiar route out to Lymm.  We completed a couple of loops.  The only bother with the knee was from the mile road sprint segment on Strava where on both loops we both went for it.  I still feel I have something left to give on that but didn’t want to completely goose myself for the rest of the ride.  Now that the lighter nights are here and the sun is setting around 20:00 on a nice day it will be easier to get out and about and get some more miles in.  Mr Gordon is threatening me with hills again he knows how much I love them!

I have come to the conclusion that I am going to have to make some rules and stick to them to be able to be a reasonable weight and have better fitness before the Ireland ride.  It will be hard for me to stick to as old habits have started creeping in with bad food and also there are lots of things I shouldn’t be eating available as Evie and Lindsey have a treat from time to time.  I have also found that alcohol has crept back in a little so I am going to try and cut that out completely again and stay away from the bad influences…you know who you are!  I will try and squeeze some gym sessions in it is just finding the time to fit everything in!

¨      No takeaways
¨      No booze
¨      More gym sessions
¨      More riding

This week saw a really good run on the fundraising again.  With a weekly total of £119 being raised as I write.  So thank you to all those people who have donated this week.  It leaves me on £1184 or 78% of my £1500 target.  Still waiting for a few people to fulfil pledges but I am under no illusions that times are hard and not demanding anything from anyone.  There will be a small event this week with the Swim Trafford Squad doing a fancy dress spinning session on Thursday evening.  There will be pictures so watch this space!!

Just a small comment on the Grand National.  I always have a flutter on the national and the big events.  Only small stakes but it is something I have done for a good few years now.  I love watching horse racing it is entertaining and you can tell that the horses love running it is what they are built for.  I can understand, and I do also, people getting upset when the horses are put down at races but in my eyes it’s the same chance that all sportspeople take.  If the horses didn’t want to run they wouldn’t afterall.  It doesn’t however make it less sad when one or even two of these beautiful animals are put down.

Anyway hope you all have a good week and keep your chins (I’m nearly down to one now not the double) up!

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