Sunday, 22 April 2012

Is that a tiger…spinning…

Around about four songs in after the first set of sprints I knew it was not going to go well if I kept on going for the full class.  The cold (man flu) that had been knocking around all week had finally knocked me for six in the morning and it was hard work even climbing the stairs to the met stop.  Donning the all in one tiger suit had seemed like a good idea a week earlier but as I sat down after the first climb sweat trickling down the inside of the suit I knew I should have listened to the little voice screaming all week DON’T WEAR THE TIGER SUIT YOU WILL COOK in my head.  Instead I decided to get off the bike and torture the Swim Trafford kids with a really hard set whilst trying to stand around where the two massive fans where situated.  Everyone enjoyed the session and we raised a really outstanding £87.90.  Big thanks to James ‘Lance Armstrong’ Stannard for getting everyone involved.

Spin Session (45min session);

Disco Inferno               The Trammps                           10:50               Intro Music
Rock da House            Tall Paul                                   3:13                 WARM UP
Mountains                    Biffy Clyro                               3:23                 WARM UP
Ice Ice Baby                Vanilla Ice                                4:14                 First Climb
Bonnie Tyler                 Holding out for a hero              6:13                 Pairs – Sprint Battles
Tiger Feet                    Mud                                        3:52                 Last battles/Spin out
Larger then Life            Backstreet Boys                      3:52                 2nd Climb (Hovers)
Hot Right Now             DJ Fresh                                 3:02                 Sprint Intervals
Boogie Wonderland      The Emotions                          4:45                 Dice roll
Call on me                    Eric Prydz                               2:48                 3rd Climb
Doctor pressure            Mylo vs Miami Sound             3:25                 Standing Sprints
Bonkers                        Dizzee Rascall                        3:00                 Number Sprints
Eye of the Tiger            Survivor                                  3:48                 COOL DOWN
Stop                             Spice Girls                              3:24                 COOL DOWN

As I inferred earlier on in the piece the man flu has really taken its toll this week.  From Wednesday I couldn’t face the bike and Thursday and Friday should have resulted in some mileage but they did not.  The commute on Saturday and Sunday has been torture.  Both days saw the weather teasing me.  I woke up to dry roads and reasonable skies but by 06:30 it was pissing it down all the way through until I arrived at work.  Cold, wet and lungs of fire from the cold.  It would be really nice if I don’t get ill before the ride in June *fingers crossed*.  Also hoping for some more decent training weather and good weather for the ride.  It would be really nice for the ride not to turn into a slog.

Two of last weeks goals have been achieved.  No takeaways and no booze.  There is a bottle of Baileys (Mint flavoured) in the fridge so I am trying to resist and so far it is working.  Anyone want to claim it lol?  The gym sessions still have not materialised as I can’t seem to find time and the extra riding didn’t happen due to the lurgy!  I will definitely try the same again this week and a gym session somewhere!

A week today will see the Charity Race Evening kindly organised by Miss Weatherilt and her young man.  It should be a really fun night so please come down and support us!

This week has seen a total amount raised of £50 and an overall total now of £1239, which is a remarkable 83% of the overall total needed!  The spinning money has been added to the event money, which will be split between Mark and I in a few weeks.  That total is standing at £300.  If you want to make a donation you can still do so at We also still have raffle tickets left for our 50/50 draw.  If you would like some of these please call, text, facebook, twitter, email or comment me and I will get back to you as soon as possible!!

Bit of a late addition to the blog...Big Congratulations to Mr Rich Salisbury and Miss Zoe Mills on their engagement!

“Better to live one year as a Tiger then one hundred as a sheep”

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