Sunday, 11 September 2011

That day again.

It is a solemn day today.  September the 11th always makes me sad and I always reflect on the events on that day.  My overwhelming memory of it was watching people covered in dust like grey ghosts emerging from the direction of the fallen towers.  A lot of people who didn’t actually die in the initial collisions or the collapses have died from inhaling the dust from the fallen towers.  I still cannot believe it's ten years ago time seems to fly by.  I will never forget that day playing out on the news my thoughts are with the families of the victims and the brave emergency services who died along with them.

So I am having a quiet week this week after last week’s excitement.  I got back on the bike on Thursday after the ‘numb groin’ had disappated by Wednesday.  Damn it was painful I am going to have to look at solutions for long rides as I don’t fancy having that again!

A few people are thinking about doing the Manchester to Blackpool night ride on the 17th September ( so I am going to see what I am working and maybe attempt it.  I’m not sure if it’s for me as country lanes on a night will probably equal a number of punctures for me!  Also my lights are not the best so I would have to upgrade them to something a little more powerful.

I just want to talk generally about food again this week as its something that started off as quite a prominent part of the blog but then the cycling addiction has taken over somewhat.  I am struggling to get anything going for consistency on food as I am stuck in a ‘reward’ phase.  By this I mean I will go out and complete a ride of 30 miles plus then either the same day or the next I will think well I did that ride so I can eat anything I like now.   It then means either a takeaway or some sort of dessert.  Don’t get me wrong I am still losing weight but I think this could be going more quickly then it is and I think I could be eating a lot more healthily.   My fruit and veg intake is a lot more then it was which is pleasing but I need to tighten up on what’s going in! 

This week I have received a care package from a friend of mine who works with a company called BSc ( this company produces compression wear for athletes and also produces nutritional supplements.  I have some bits and bobs to try so I will let you know how I get on!

Well the gym again I have been slacking the last two weeks.  Partly because of the physio treatment on my shoulder as I don’t want to irritate it and have a relapse but it’s been a busy couple of weeks for me also.  I had another physio appointment with Marek ( the other night and he thinks that the injury is getting a lot better so I will probably only need a few more sessions.  Last nights session was particularly painful but on the opposing lat muscle, and trapezius muscle to the injury which was strange.  It may well have been to do with the cycle ride.

Hope you all have a cracking week!

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