Sunday, 27 November 2011

2012 Plans


This week isn’t going to be a big one as I haven’t done much again.  I managed to run over my foot with my desk chair then one of my lovely work colleagues decided to run over it with the Aeromix staging.  So apart from the regular commuting and one gym session on Monday not a great deal done.  Monday’s gym session did include some sprint intervals, which were productive.  I wasn’t sure how my knee would react or if I was fit enough to be able to be able to sustain 4 intervals of 1 minute flat out but it went well and the knee and my fitness where not found wanting.  I will be increasing duration and adding some incline over the next few weeks as I want to be able to compete again and my plans are going to involve running.

I have started planning for next year and have a few ideas to play with.  I will sign up for the Manchester to Blackpool, Manchester to Chester and the Manchester 100mile rides.  My other plans include a possible week long ride in Ireland doing 580 miles over 6 days.  The only real obstacle to this is that I have to raise £1500 in sponsorship money.  I think I will make a decision in December and see where that leads me.  My other project will be a ride over to Hull I think at some point in August.  I will have to find a route and some support for it but it should be something that is easily achievable.  The route finders have said it will be around 100miles.  Some possible issues with the Pennines but I think that by that stage of the year I should be around about the weight I want to be and the fitness levels should be at about there peak. 

Other possible plans for 2012 are a sprint triathalon (750m swim, 20km cycle, 5km run) and maybe The Humber Bridge half marathon in June depending on when the Irish cycle ride falls.  Just have to see how the knee reacts to some running outside first!

Have a great week!

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