Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fitness and Fireworks

Hey folks,

This week saw a return to the dreaded spinning.  I participated in one of James Jacksons 30minute spinning sessions at Stretford Leisure Centre ( .  It was severe interval training but it was fun.  I was full on the resistance for the climbs but really struggled with the standing sprints.  They are not something that comes naturally to me as I don’t really sprint as such when out riding.  I could not seem to get the legs going very fast at all.  I did work hard during the session though and that’s what counts.

On Friday some of us regrouped to do a 45 minute spinning class in the same vain as the one I have posted previously but I did change the music, which went down well.  It was an all James affair with James Moffatt, James Stannard and myself all putting in a good tilt and working hard.  If you fancy coming down I have started a Facebook group called Impromptu Spinning @ Stretford Leisure Centre.  If you ask me or add me to your friends list I post a time each week that I am going to run the session.

I did a couple of other great workouts this week two threshold sessions on the Wattbike and a decent two gym workouts.  Again I haven’t been in the pool this week I am finding it hard to fit it in on top of everything else.  I really need to get on it and put some hard miles in.  I just want to talk a little bit about the Wattbikes.  I use them to do threshold sets.  This is where I work at 80% of a pre calculated maximum for sets of 5 minutes with a 2 minute recovery in between each set.  The complete workout lasts 35minutes and I am pretty much spent by the end of it.  I’m really hoping that the dropping of weight and the maintenance of leg power will see my climbing ability on the bike drastically improve.  I suspect the power to weight ratio will be pretty good by the end of this training and weight loss cycle.  The other good thing about the Wattbikes is that I can have a look at my pedalling efficiency and make sure that I am using the best technique.  It has been pretty hard to maintain a good shape but I think I am finally getting the hang of it.  I have to say my left leg is still slightly dominant in that there is a 51% > 49% split.

This Saturday we went as a family to Chassen Road Fireworks display and bonfire.  The event was supporting Swim Trafford and a percentage of the money raised will go to helping the club to continue to produce excellent swimmers.  The display itself was probably attended by upwards of 1500 people and they where not disappointed by a truly excellent fireworks display.  The event had a great family feel to it and my little one, the Mrs and the sister in law really enjoyed it.

Have a great week!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”  Aristotle

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