Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas 2011

So some of you may have noticed that i missed last weeks blog and that i am publishing this on a special Sunday...Christmas Day. I have tired of playing with my socks, well i am 31 and that is a standard present for a male of this age.  In all honesty though i got some great presents and really enjoyed the day.  The thing i love about Christmas is not really the receiving of presents but the look on peoples faces when you give a great present.  I also love Christmas Dinner and of course spending time with family and friends.  Its a shame that it doesn’t happen more often during the year.

I am sat thinking about what i have achieved this year on a personal level and where i can improve in 2012.  I have to say some of my biggest achievements this year have been on the cycle.  The rides to Blackpool and then the Manchester 100miler (minus numb groin) are the two highlights of my year and have proved I can achieve great things when i put my mind to it.   Along with this i have to make a few thank you’s.  My first thank you is to Mr Ted Gordon who has mentored my fledgling career this year putting up with my slow ass to start with (still slow in comparison but better) and my constant moaning about climbing hills.  My second is to Mr Richard Salisbury for the hours he’s put in this year with me and his expert bike fit through Pedal Precision ( .  There are the others who i have ridden with this year Andy McVeigh, Mark O’Reilly, Lee Bradley, Kelly Strickland and others.   I think my second massive accomplishment has been to donate some time volunteering with Swim Trafford.  It has been rewarding on many levels and i have made some great new friends along the way.  It will be one of my focuses for the coming year to help the group shave some seconds off their PB’s and achieve their goals.  The other achievement is a reduction in mass.  I have been working hard on this over the past 12-18months and it is looking good.  To date 3 stone has been shifted.   My last thank you goes out to Mr Marek Holowenko physiotherapist ( extraordinaire he has put my shoulders, neck and back into good shape and given me sound advice all year.  I will be trying to pick up some regular Pilates in the New Year.

2012, what can i achieve, what should my goals be.  I have some thoughts on this.  Another 2-3 stones weight needs to be shifted and I’m hoping to achieve this by September.  I need to knuckle down and return to a decent routine.  I am itching to get back out on the bike and can’t wait for the fairer weather.   I want to sign up for the Manchester to Blackpool and better the 4hr 30mins i took this year.  I also want to attempt the 100miler this year and come in under 6 hours hopefully more towards the 5 hours 30minutes mark.   Both well achievable.  I am also going to attempt the Big Red Bike Ride in June, it will be 600miles in 6 days which will be my biggest challenge yet.  June will also see me try and complete my first half marathon.  I am looking to sign up for the Humber Bridge half marathon.

Leaving you with a song that has perked me up alot this month.

Merry Christmas and may you have a productive and happy 2012!

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