Sunday, 11 December 2011



Some of you may have noticed over the last few weeks the different greetings I have been using.  This is due to the stats page on the site telling me that people from all around the world have been viewing my blog.  It feels a bit weird really knowing that someone in India or Japan has been looking at the blog.  The blog itself has achieved over 2500 visits since it first started in April so thanks to all for visiting.

The main aim of the blog is to record my efforts each week but again this week I haven’t done much as I have been suffering a bit with some sort of bug.  I did a Wattbike session earlier in the week and it felt like I didn’t have anything in the tank by the 4th set of my usual threshold set I was hanging out and had to lower the targeted watts average to complete the set.  It was not fun.  Had a productive gym session, which was productive but again I struggled for intensity so not sure what the issue was.  I think it has been important to try and have a few days off completely and just recharge the batteries completely.  I feel ready for this week and have a session structure this week to stick to.  I will be doing spinning for Swim Trafford on Thursday, which I am really looking forward to.

The other major bits and bobs this week where a visit to Manchester Academy to see one of my favourite bands from the 90’s Indie revolution Shed Seven.  Looking round it was great to see a generation in a room by this I mean the Indie generation (middle aged people to you guys).  Chris Helme (of Seahorses fame) was supporting and did a great acoustic set and a brilliant job of setting up Shed Seven so much so in fact I am at this moment listening to The Seahorses album.  Shed Seven came out and from the off just nailed it.  The crowd were well up for it and they didn’t disappoint.  I have to say one of the best gigs I have been to ever.  I would definitely recommend them and would love to go and see them again.

So until next week love life!

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