Sunday, 7 April 2013

Fresh Thinking

Just brushing the cobwebs off my blog it’s been a while.  Not sure why, I think mostly because I haven’t really had that much to report.  More importantly I didn’t blogwhinge about the wind and the crappy weather we have been having!

I am feeling very positive this week on a number of fronts.  I am beginning to think I am solar powered both physically and mentally.  The long winter months and events have taken their toll and I am glad that things are starting to settle down.  The first three months of the year have been tough.  I have some major news in that I have decided to finish the coaching with Mercury.  This wasn’t through anything that Mercury has or hasn’t done and I would recommend them to anyone still.  I am hoping to continue to do some testing with them in the future and keep in touch of course.  The main reason for finishing with them was that after some of the tests I didn’t feel that I could achieve a level of competition that would be acceptable to me.  Most of you know how competitive I am and the results I achieved meant that I would struggle to achieve a Category 1 or 2 licence.  I am sure that the results would have improved, I have no doubt but it would have required a commitment of more time which I just can’t commit at the moment. 

I have gone back to using Strava as a training tool and have to say have been impressed so far with the results I’m seeing.  This week alone I have been setting personal records all over the place which is very pleasing and has given me a massive boost on the mental side of things.  Still looking for a regular riding buddy though.  The original wingman Mark O’Reiily was back for the weekend and I really enjoyed him being around.  I miss his lycra clad ass leaving me far behind on the ascents.  This week saw 200miles covered and 12 hours in the saddle.  This was from an extended commute and a couple of rides out.  There is of course an aim to all this.  There are a number of events I am doing this year for charity the first of which is the Majorca Sportive at the end of April which is 103miles over mountains!  There is also a second motive Strava in April have set a challenge of riding the combined distance of some of the major one day races on the calendar which comes to 1319 kilometres.  At the end of this week I am sat at 23% of that total. 

I will be cycling a lot this year still and raising lots of money (hopefully) for Cancer Fighting Cyclists.  This is something I really enjoy doing and I have some events etc in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled.  We recently raised £63.50 from a cake sale at Stretford which was excellent.  What is always good about the cake sales is that a lot of friends get involved baking for me.  Without them the stalls wouldn’t happen and their time and energy is very much appreciated!  Again these same friends have stood up to be counted and I am currently sat on £370 or the £2000 target for the year.  Thanks everyone for your donations so far!   I will be doing some more cake sales between now and the end of the year.  There will also be a Spinning Masterclass at Stretford Sports Village which should hopefully raise some more pennies.  I would also like to say a massive thanks to Nat for designing my new cover on Facebook it is amazing.  Talented guy!

Thanks for reading and go make a donation if you can!

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