Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Body Fat


So this week was pretty mundane as apose to last weeks high of the Blackpool trip.  It taken me a few days to recover and not in the ways i thought.  Firstly people where saying that it would be my arse that was going be in pain, it wasnt it was my lower back and my arms.  A massage from the expert who is Karen Aitken from Relaxing Retreats sorted my neck and back out and a good gym session and swim sorted out the rest.

Went out this morning for a cycle doing some of the same route of the Manchester to Blackpool Ted has promised me a good pedal on Thursday evening with some hills so that should be very interesting!!  Decided to start the swimming again its not so great on the eczema but i have to say its good for my dodgy knee.  I will be going to see a physio and good friend of mine Mr Marek Holowenko for a session tomorrow to try and find out what is wrong with my knee.  Its not that i cant exercise its just painful when i kneel on it and a little sore after i finish cycling.  See what happens.

So had my body fat reading taken this week and was pleasantly surprised it was 20% which is borderline healthy/overweight  the last time i took the test it was 35% so i am chuffed.  Need to work on that looking to get down to 10%ish.  More swimming and gym me thinks.

So the totals this week;


Commuting;  34.13km
Leisure;  45km
Gym Session;  Crosstrainer various weights
Swimming;  24 lengths front crawl

Have an uber week and hoping that the weather picks up for us all!!


  1. Your body fat seems a little low. You should be aiming for about 15% min. How do you get it measured?

    There's a formula for working out a rough calculation of body fat and it's fairly good.

    Adult Body Fat % = (1.20 x BMI) + (0.23 x Age) - (10.8 x gender) - 5.4
    where male gender= 1, female=0.

  2. Thanks for that Toby. Had it measured using electrical procedure. It's normally best to do it using Kalipers but we didn't have any. 10% is a good avg for athletes and i wouldn't mind taking the cycling to another level once the weight is off and doing Timetrialling next year.