Monday, 4 July 2011

Impassioned Plea…

So you may have seen me trying to get sponsors for the Charity Bike Ride next week.  A lot of people at my work have sponsored me which is great and a fair few of my friends to but a lot of the 396 friends on Facebook haven’t still.  I know its your choice and times are hard but it would help me a lot if you could donate even 50p which would mean that snack from the vending machine or not much else it’s not a lot but if all 396 people donated that much it would be £198 which would be awesome.

So on to more serious business this week I had my first weigh in.  I’ve been holding off on this as I know I am losing weight from my clothes and from visual references i.e I can start to see my neck again and I can actually bend over and tie my shoes.  Not massive things but things I took for granted before and which add a little motivation…so drum role please…1/2 a stone lost!!  So that great news its nice and slow so I’m happy with it as I expected there to be a bit of swapping fat for muscle etc but I am pleased.  I will be doing a body fat percentage test this week on Friday and will be watching that closely.  I expect it will be near to 30% if I’m being realistic which still situates me in the obese class but going forward I can see this regime is working and I’m loving the cycling which is probably the biggest reason for the progress.


Cycling (Commuting);            61.85km
Wattbike Session                      10km
Gym Sessions                          x 2 -  Crosstraining for 10minutes and various weights.

So have a good week guys and expect a substantial blog next week (hopefully with some video) regarding the charity bike ride!!

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