Sunday, 26 June 2011

Gay Village and the Lycra

Heyas!  So this week was pretty positive on the whole.  I managed to get to big cycles in without much pain and amassed a personal best total kilometres cycled of 90.2km.  I’m really pleased with this it show great progress and I’m starting to be able to get into old clothes again.  I guess its going to be expensive when I get to the weight I want as I will need a few new bits and bobs.  I hate clothes shopping!

So the week ended with me letting Ted down I was meant to go for a ride this morning with him but Steph came through from Sheffield and what was meant to be a few in Sale a chat and home by 23:00 ended up with me drunk in AXM in the gay village rolling in home at 03:30 so apologies Ted!!  You may have been thinking from the title that I was wearing lycra in the Gay Village, I’m sure some of you had lovely images of me in a mankini or such may it haunt your nightmares this wasn’t the case however I have bought some cycling shorts to do the Manchester to Blackpool ride (you will donate here  in so I was testing them out on the ride this evening.  I did my usual loop of Manchester and came in under an hour which was pleasing and my best time yet!  So its either the hangover making me ride better or the lycra you can decide!


Cycling (Commuting);            42.93km
Cycling (Leisure Ride);           47.27km – 2hours

Just finally before I leave you there for this week please follow this link and have a read of the story it could really be me who has written it as it is very similar to what I go through.  I am trying to get you to just understand a little more even if you’re still unwilling to sponsor me.

Have a good week!!

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