Sunday, 5 June 2011

Hahaha that guy fell off his bike what a prick…

So after the high of last week I let myself down a bit this week on the food side of things.  Had a Dominos on Tuesday and a Mcd’s also so a bit annoyed tbh.  Sainsburys are bringing out their second set menu next week so hopefully will be able to get on that!  This week has been bitty food wise not eaten particularly badly just not conventional meals which meant snacking so that was loose to.

On the exercise front the running I’ve extended to 2km which is positive and is testing me.  Until I lose a few stone running is going to be hard I think I just have to persevere with it and push on.  Ok so the news of the week the weather finally eased up on Wednesday so I could venture out on the new bike.  All was going well (other then I couldn’t work the gears out) I had managed to get my pedals out of the new clips a few times and was gaining confidence then my third set of lights.  So I get my left foot out of the pedal and approach the lights I pulled the brakes and the weight shifted to the right, I try to move my right foot off the pedal to balance…oh no its still clipped in…timbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr crash and theres me lying in the road with bike still attached pissing myself laughing and all the people in their cars looking at me what a nab!


Cycling (Commuting);            40.8km
Wattbike Session:                    2 x 10km sprints
Gym x 2sessions                      Run 2km (10.2kph – incline 2.0)
                                                Chest Press 12reps x 3 sets x 40kg
                                                Lat Pull Downs 12reps x 3 sets x 35kg

Cheers for checking in with me guys its really motivating to see the amount of hits I’ve had on my stat page its nearing 500 in 8 weeks so I’m pleased with that!!

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