Sunday, 22 May 2011

Belt Holes

Hey folks I have had an amazing week this week really positive and upbeat.  Saturday morning after my cycle to work I realised that I didn’t have a belt hole that was small enough.  I didn’t expect this and it was a major psychological boost.  It’s funny how such a small thing can have such a positive effect.  There are a number of reasons for this.

If I start on food then it’s been a revelation.  No takeaways and I haven’t spent any money at work on the vending machines which is a first.  The takeaways has been difficult I have to admit thinking about a Big Mac or more then one occasion but have resisted!  The second was manageable as I decided not to bring any money to work which made it very easy not to spend it!  This in total probably saved me £20 for the week!!  The other plus to the food side of things is the Sainsburys Feed Your Family for £50 which has been great.  The meals are easy and healthy and include provision for your 5 a day.  We have supplemented that a little with a few shops for milk as Evie tends to put it away like it’s going out of fashion, it may be cheaper for us to buy a cow!  I have also this week attempted to eat no bread and change onto crackers of one description or another.  It has been interesting scrambled egg on toast with no toast was different.  It’s not been all success with this though as I have eaten four breadcakes (barms) this week for bacon sandwiches and peanut butter sandwiches!  The last thing I want to talk about where food is concerned is water.  I have been drinking a lot more then I would normally in an effort to be hydrated.  I am going to do a micro blog this week on water and the positives it has on everyday function.

On the exercise front I did some good work in the gym and on the wattbikes and am doing ok with the running.  Two gym sessions for the first time in a while and you may ask why I seem to be concentrating on my chest and lats.  Well my legs and gluteus maximus (arse) are getting a great work out from the cycling and are in good shape.  I’m working on chest and lats as they are major muscles and I am toning these two muscle groups one to get rid of my moobs/man boobs/bresticles etc etc and two to crank up the amount of calories my body is consuming whilst at rest.  I figure once I reach a weight at which I’m comfortable I will work on my core muscles and flexibility.  In other news I really went for it on Tuesday night and the traffic lights where kind to me so I set a mark of 9mins 32secs for the 4km I cycle home.  This pleased me and I will try and get quicker over the next few weeks.  I didn’t get out on the new bike purely down to the fact that the weather hasn’t been great.  I am also still trying to get used to being clipped into the pedals this means I have to release the clips when coming to a stop or I just fall to one side lol!!


Cycling (Commuting);            51.95km (4km PB 9min 32secs!!)
Wattbike Session:                    2 x 5km sprint
Gym x 2 sessions                     Run 1.2km (10.2kph – incline 2.0)
                                                Chest Press 12reps x 3 sets x 40kg
                                                Lat Pull Downs 12reps x 3 sets x 35kg

All in all a great week.  Really looking forward to this coming week to see what it has in store.  I’ve been looking at a site called they do healthy snack boxes and I have always been a nibbler so may do me some good to investigate this further!

I will leave you with a quote now to finish!

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”
Bruce Lee

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