Sunday, 15 May 2011

Wind then Rain

Hey guys and gals.  Had a good week this week.  Got the new bike ordered and payed for (well it will be in 12months after a few payments) starting a new food regime with Sainsbury’s.  It is Feed your family for £50 a week.  It looks really good and the menu is pretty healthy.  Lots of five a day and healthy looking meals.  Couple of not so healthy looking ones but overall for the cost and the effort it’s worth a try.  Food went ok this week other then a McDonalds and a Domino’s early in the week.  Next week will see the first weigh in i do.  I've been doing this for about 6 weeks now so i should see some results hopefully!

Another new development is trying to eat a lot less bread.  I love bread and haven’t found a type I didn’t like (apart from a French salt bread which as it sounds was minging) yet so it may be difficult but for now I’ve subbed it out for Ryevita and Crackerbreads!

This week saw my first (since before Christmas) visit to the gym.  Kelly Strickland (Personal Trainer at Stretford Leisure Centre and a good friend of mine) has put together a running programme for me which should see my running improve hopefully to what it was when I was younger.  I am kind of semi thinking about doing a duathalon/triathalon or two before I try something on an epic scale.  Then possibly an Iron Man.  This is dependant on my being able to swim the required distance which is going to take some work and my knee being up to the runs involved.


Cycling (Commuting);  36.85km (Two quick 4km rides) (HIGH wind resistance!!)
Walking; 2 miles approx (again circling a pool)
Wattbike Session: 5km sprint
Gym:   Run 1.2km
            Chest Press 12reps x 3 sets x 40kg
            Lat Pull Downs 12reps x 3 sets x 35kg

So aims for this week;

  2. Aiming to do 40km long ride on the new bike Thursday or Friday.
  3. Two gym sessions to include running.

Hope you all have a good week guys!!

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