Sunday, 1 May 2011

Tut tut...

Hey y’all,

Well had an indifferent week this week.  Miss Smith left us on Wednesday and as a fairwell tea at work we had Domino’s…I know bad ass but hey once in a while shouldn’t hurt right…well it turns out Saturday was also a Domino’s night to… I know epic fail.  So I have to make up for that this next two weeks and not have any takeaways…it will be hard but will have to do it (yes I have noticed I’m … a lot recently)

On the plus side had two successful wattbike efforts this week totalling 20k both done as time trials and done in 16:00mins dead on and 16:20mins this was after cycling both ways and also one was on a day off which I was pleased about as I would normally be online gaming (talk about this a bit next week).


Cycling:  45.48km done this week commuting
Wattbike session: 2x10km
Swimming: No swimming forgot my towel the other day :-S  On a plus though and with swimming in mind whilst lifeguarding I have done 4 miles this week walking around the pool (22-23 laps of a 25m per mile ish)

So did nearly 10k more on the bike due to slightly longer routes to work.  I have a 4km a 5.5km and a 9km.  Also I have to say the wind this week has been brutal to me.  It has been so hard Saturday and Sunday riding home!

I will be posting a micro blog on Heart Rate Recovery this week so hopefully that will interest some of you.

*Balcony kiss with hand*  Have a good week people!

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