Sunday, 12 June 2011

Considering football retirement sorry Fabio

Hey folks,

So we played a football tournament last week for Stretford.  Everyone who played got burnt I think and it’s now Wednesday and my burns are still aching.  The worst of my injuries is my knee though

It’s really restricted my efforts this week in that I can hardly walk on it at all.  I have managed to cycle to and from work but not anywhere near the intensity it’s basically just turning my legs over.  Those of you who have known me for sometime know I have had problems with this knee couple of breaks in the past etc so I think I may call time on my football career.  I may be enticed out for the odd 11’a’side but tournaments I think are a thing of the past.  Enough whinging anyways we reached the semi’s of the tournament and lost to the eventual winners.  Well played to everyone who played and Selina for organising for us!!

My energy levels at the start of the week have been very poor and I’m not sure why.  Maybe the tournament itself or the sunburn or my knee injury but I have been very lethargic and getting tired early on an evening.  Later on in the week though I got back to about normal again and did a nice long ride out on the bike on Friday.  My knee is still aching somewhat but I am sure this will pass in a week or so.  I have bought some vitamin tablets to try and make up for any shortfalls in vitamins somewhere and I must start to drink more water again as I have let this slip over the past week.

POSITIVE news is that I have signed up for the Manchester to Blackpool cycle on July 10th.  It is approximately 60 miles so a little training is in order I reckon.  I will be doing the ride for charity so if you want to sponsor me please visit

I will be riding for the Eczema Society as I have suffered with Eczema most of my 30 years so it’s a charity close to my heart they do a lot of great work for people who suffer with eczema and for the families. 1 in 3 children and 1 in 12 adults will suffer from eczema and it is a very debilitating disease in some cases.


Cycling (Commuting);          42.83km
Cycling (Leisure);                 22km

So hopefully the sunburn and knee injury will be right by next week and I can get back in to some sort of gym/wattbike/cycling routine again.  I will be 31 years old in 5 days also!!

Have a great week everyone and make sure you sponsor me please!!

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