Sunday, 19 June 2011

There’s no crisis here to see…

So this Friday I turned 31 and like the Greek banking crisis I haven’t gone into meltdown as yet (though a midlife crisis in a few years sounds like fun!)  It’s a number and doesn’t really relate to much tbh.  I still feel like I was 18 although my body does seem to be trying to bring me to the present by being injured for longer and not according me the ability to drop this weight as fast as I was hoping!!

Thanks everyone for the birthday messages and Facebook messages etc it was much appreciated as I know I can be an unsociable bugger sometimes!  I do feel the need to keep in touch with people on a more regular basis but my lacking of motivation to even type a text or an email is outstanding.  However if you do feel like getting in touch do so I am a lot better at replying then instigating tbh!

I was meaning to get out on the bike this weekend but one of the side effects of having a birthday meal at F&B’s seems to have been a very upset stomach.  Don’t worry I won’t go into more detail as I’m guessing you can pretty much use your imagination!

So onto the exercise I have again been cycling to work this week and have also done another 23km ride, roughly taking me about an hour.  I am going to look to increase this a little further during the coming week at some point.  I really need to get back into the gym but the last thing I want to do after a shift is spend another hour in the gym at work.  I have toyed with joining a gym in town but then reasoning says why should I pay when I can use the gym for free at work…Catch 22.  I have also being toying with the idea of going to Pilates.  This may sound like a strange choice but it will help with my flexibility, muscle tone and core strength.  At the moment my back is thinking where the hell did all the weight go off the front and I think the muscles have relaxed somewhat causing me a little back ache!

Cycling (Commuting);            23 km
Cycling (Leisure Ride);           23 km – 1hour

So I’m still looking for sponsors if you haven’t already please visit the link below.  If you have then I really appreciate it and will be looking to sponsor people who are doing charity events etc.

Have a good week all!!

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