Sunday, 24 July 2011

Cycling heroin

Hey all, hope you had a good week (even though my premonitions of good weather where rather false!)

Well this week I have mostly being doing that which I have come to love with a passion, cycling.  I can’t remember ever enjoying something as much as I do cycling.  It is bit by bit taking over lots of spare time and has helped me kick my online gaming addiction.  I have also been following Le Tour De France it has been cracking this year and an awesome performance by Cadel Evans especially his time trial on Saturday.  I am also reading a lot again around different subjects which I am also really enjoying!

Went for a long ride on Thursday evening with Ted and a whole bunch of people from Evans out towards Glossop up some long hills and down some fast decents…my speedo reckons I was doing 62mph down one but I am not so sure, it was certainly exciting bordering on scary.  My long time friend the puncture visited again whilst we where cycling down some country lanes in the dark at about 22:30 so I have bought some i already have these on my commuting bike and haven’t had any problems with punctures for a while (touches wood frantically) so I have bought a rear one for my racing bike!  It probably doesn’t help being so heavy also.  So I arrived back in town at about 23:00 on the A6 from Stockport after my other riding custom getting rained on.  The Apollo was kicking out and I nearly crashed into a few people same in Gay Village a bit surreal cycling through a bunch of pissed up people.

So I have signed up for the Manchester 100mile in September and am also planning a route to cycle from Manchester to Hull which is approximately 91miles in total Manchester to Hull.  You have to click on the walking icon also as much as I would love to cycle all the way down the M62 don’t think that will be the route I’m taking lol!!

So some thoughts this week on the fat loss mission.  I seem to be doing ok.  There are certainly a lot of physical indicators to suggest I’m at least changing shape in that my waist is smaller and my t-shirts are longer.  I’ve just been looking at some of the older pics of me on Facebook and I can definitely see an improvement.  However the numerical weight isn’t coming off as fast as I’d like and that is a little disheartening.  Also taking a bit of a battering to the confidence knowing I’m far to heavy for climbing hills in any sort of decent speed and knowing it’s probably the weight that’s causing me to puncture a lot.  I’m sure this will iron out and have to keep telling myself to keep up the hard work and motivation after all for all the cycling in the world its not that I am doing it for it’s so I can see my little girl grow up.

So totals for this week;

Cycling Commuting;  23.75km 
‘Leisure’ Cycling;       51.50km
2 x Gym Session;        30 minutes cardio (Crosstraining and rowing)
(Per session)                Various weights
                                    15minutes stretching

I know it’s a long one today cheers for putting up with me if you have read it all!!   

Have a good one this week and stay safe!

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