Monday, 1 August 2011

A tribute to Amy Winehouse…

I lied..sorry scandalous I know but hey you’re reading now so why not continue on :-O.

So this week I am late again posting on a Monday it has been a very hectic week with work and play taking up lots of time!  So this week saw some really nice weather and the temperature has been up also so in true British style I am gonna have a whinge about that first.  To hot, can’t sleep, perspiring far too much feel like I’m going to melt lol.  Bring back the rain…erm no thanks.

So on to the most important thing the exercise.  I have been out a lot on the bike this week and you can see that reflected in the figures.  I’ve done nearly double what I normally do in a week.  I feel great for it but have developed a voracious appetite again.  This has meant a lot of food being consumed and if i'm honest sometimes not the best food i could eat.  Thursday was a blow out day had Chinese which was good as i hadn't had any takeaways for a while.  Just need to be careful not to slip back into old habits!  The longer rides are getting a little easier and also finding the climbing a little easier whether this is mental or physical I am unsure as yet but I’m sure I will find out this week.  Have to say a big thank you to the master planner and beast on a bike Ted Gordon for organising the routes and setting a tempo.  We also had some good fun dodging (not dogging!) cars on the way back from Altrincham during rush hour the other night!  Having some issues with my eczema but the steroid creams seem to have helped.  Lets hope the ICU (International Cycling Union) are not reading this :-D

I have canned the swimming until after the school holidays as the kids have taken over the pool and there isn’t really a point where I can swim some lengths with out fear of a small (although a lot I’ve noticed are well on their way to being obese) children bombing/jumping on me.  I will probably swim a bit more during the winter months but definitely going to pick it up in September again.

So the exercise totals;

Cycling Commuting;  51.97 km 
‘Leisure’ Cycling;       94.97 km
1 x Gym Session;         30 minutes cardio (Crosstraining and rowing)
Various weights
                                    15minutes stretching

Have set another couple of goals for next year.  There is talk of a few of us getting together and doing some cycling stuff coast to coast, lands end to john o’groats etc so we will have to see what happens.  I have to say I am very excited about the thought of doing some of the stuff I will keep you all posted!

Have a good week and Happy Yorkshire day (Monday)!!

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