Wednesday, 10 August 2011

This is a political broadcast....

This is not a political blog and isn’t meant for that purpose but I am feeling emotional at the moment so I am going to comment on the events which have being going on this week to try and get it off my chest and my head around what is going on.  It might be a little long so apologies.

So this week saw the riots kicking off in a lot of the major cities in England (Not Scotland or Wales).  The first in London started after a man was shot by the police, into which the investigation is ongoing.  A peaceful protest seems to have been hijacked by a group of thugs and it has gone on from there.  The initial meaning of the protest has gone swiftly onto the backburner as people have jumped on the bandwagon and gone on rioting and looting sprees for no other reason then to get products.  The police response in London was particularly overwhelmed by the speed at which the riots took off and seemed to be randomised across a vast area of London to start with.  The political process took some time to initiate as key people where on holiday.  I am not suggesting however that these people should not be allowed a holiday however it took them 2-3 days to get back and begin to sort things out.

The pandemic rioting and looting then began to gather pace in other cities Birmingham, Liverpool and others on the 3rd night and there after.  I was hoping that the two cities I have lived in wouldn’t get involved Manchester and Hull but unfortunately Manchester found itself enveloped on Tuesday evening.  A lot of damage was caused but as yet the levels where not that of London and the police response thankfully has seemed coordinated and mostly efficient although damage has occurred.  I think the response of the Manchester police will have been something of a learnt lesson from the football riots the other year.

I am now going to express my personal views on what should have happened.  My impression (media driven) is that it is the younger generation who are instigating most of the trouble hiding behind the fact that they haven’t been given a chance in life or they are from a poor area and are ergo entitled to rise up and loot if they please from time to time.  My view is that these young people, and I see it often, lack any guidance or engendered morale code from people whose responsibility it is to teach them the rights and wrongs of society.  The parents.  I know there is a certain amount of peer pressure involved we have all come across it at points in our lives but most of the people I know have a basic sense of right and wrong and are appalled by the rioting and looting.  There are obviously cases where no matter how hard parents try there children go off and become bad apples occasionally.   So what can be done about this I hear people asking?  Its not an easy cure National Service, prison, community service are options I have heard banded about.  My personal belief is that the punishment is linked to the parents so little Jimmy riots,  Little Jimmy and his parents receive the same punishment that would shake some of the lazy parents into action.  I would also like to see these rioters doing a large chunk of community service in the communities they have ransacked in plain view to try and shame them (if that is possible). 

Of course that is a reactive view to the recent incidents.  There is a problem at Government level with the amount of investment in our young people.  It seems to have been this way for the last 30 years.  A number of avenues are being cut off due to a pricing out of the lower classes through raised tuition fees,  cuts to public service and a generally decrease in apprenticeships.  However I also think the attitude of young people is a key to this.  My parents worked hard and I had most things that I wanted when I was younger this gave me an attitude of fighting to make myself have a better life to be able to provide for my children.  I was taught morale’s at an early age, manners and if I was naughty I got a smack for it.  I look back and wouldn’t have it any other way I appreciate all my parents have done for me.  I think the lower class who we are blaming these riots on lack guidance from parents and fall into the wrong gangs etc which take away parental teaching and bring a gang power mentality.  It’s what we have seen the last week.  Somebody needs to take responsibility and ensure that parents and their children have at least a glimmer of being able to better themselves.  There needs to start to be a better sense of community and reigniting of this countries identity.  Make people proud of the places they live and at least able to take a step up the ladder.  This government must provide more opportunities for young people and stop being soft on benefit cheats, illegal immigrants and crap parents.  I understand that cuts are a necessity as the National Debt must be serviced but surely we shouldn’t be cutting down our younger generations before they can get started.

The last thing I want to say is I’m proud of all the emergency services and all of the people who stood up to the gangs and made them leave their streets.  I’m proud of the volunteers today who are cleaning up their streets and helping their neighbours.  I am proud to be English because of these people I just desperately want to see this country of ours rise up and become a better place.  Sure it may take a few years but it’s achievable if we all pull together.  We need to celebrate being English, help our neighbours and remember that everyone doesn’t hate us!

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