Sunday, 7 August 2011

East Yorkshire kicked my arse

Hey folks,

So had another very productive week on the exercise front.  Really starting to get a number of rides in each week of a couple of hours a piece.  Been out twice in Manchester and once this weekend back home in Hessle, East Yorkshire.  Lindsey fitted the bike rack we had bought to the mini, after Halfords had scratched her car and told her it wouldn’t fit.  Good old YouTube hay and well done Lindsey!!  We stopped three times on the way back to Hull down the M62 as we were not sure if the rack was ok or not.  Turns out it was fine but I suppose first trip jitters are normal (saying that I can see us being jittery every time we use it!) 

So the trips this week where two of the same out to Dunham Massey via Urmston and Carrington then back through Altrincham and Sale on the 2nd run.  Good trips one on my own with music (seem to cycle more aggressively with music on) and one with Rich from after a bike fit of the best quality!  My trip in Yorkshire wasn’t the best to be honest.  I started into the wind up a fairly steep hill which didn’t give my legs time to get warm then into the wind all the way to South Cave via Brough.  My climbing is still not great still far to much weight to carry and the power to weight ratio is not anywhere near peak for me.  Took a left down Beverley Road, South Cave and came to what must have been a 2 mile climb of about 11%.  About 70 yards from the top the legs had had it and the only thing I could do was either walk or about turn.  Very dejected and took a wound to the pride as a group of cyclists went past whilst I was literally gasping hanging over my handlebars defeated.  Anyways back through Brough and heading towards Swanland there is a hill just after Croxton and Gary quarry completely the wrong gear and dented motivation meant giving up and heading further out of the way to Willerby.  The next few weeks will mean climbing practice and more gym sessions I have to shift this weight to be able to climb better and also toughen the hell up mentally.  A few mental scars taken but with a vow that I will be beating the hills when I go back next time!

Food wise its been an ok week.  Had a pizza on Saturday night with me dad which didn’t help the ride on Sunday, and to be honest a McDonalds on the way back on Friday night at one of the stops piss poor couple of nights.  I am quite determined to cut out the takeaways and need to no doubt.  Today’s fail has given me more motivation to cut them out.  I really want to be in peak condition to take on any challenges that come my way next year and progress to be a very good all round cyclist.


Cycling Commuting;  35km 
‘Leisure’ Cycling;       134.96km
2 x Gym Session;         30 minutes cardio (Crosstraining and rowing)
                                    Various weights
                                    15minutes stretching

So my top tip for this week don’t get your ass kicked by Yorkshire! 

Have a good week and enjoy every minute!

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