Sunday, 21 August 2011

Socialising Crossland…that’s a new one!

So this week has seen a return to normality exercise and physique wise from Wednesday onwards.  My face has healed up nicely although my shoulder is still giving me a rather large amount of pain.  I have been out on two bigger rides this week as well as the commuting stuff but I am going to need to crank up the mileage so that the Manchester 100mile in 2 weeks is not so difficult.  To be honest I think it will be more of a mental battle then a physical one!

Lindsey and I have discussed going onto a more vegetarian diet this week.  Bascially cutting down on the meat we consume.  One because its expensive and two we tend to eat a lot of mince and chicken probably every night of the week in some guise.  So twice a week for meat and the rest vegetarian meals.  I am going to do some recipe research but if any of you have any recipe ideas/favourites please let me know via one channel or another!!

Couple of things have made me jealous this week in that Ted has gone to America for three weeks and Rich (  has been to Belgium cycling with some pro cyclists for a few days.  Next year I’m hoping that we can put some sort of schedule together for some challenges and just generally nice cycling abroad or in the UK.  Banding about the idea of Lands End to John o Groats, Coast to Coast and a few others.  I will definitely keep you all updated!

Socially this week I went to Andy Carroll and Claire Butts wedding.  Andy had asked me to do the photography for them as it is a bit of a hobby so I was quite nervous.   They had a lovely service and the after venue was really nice to.  The weather was a bit pants but managed to get a lot of nice photos of them and their families so I hope they will be happy with them.  I reckon after I have shown them the pictures I may do a special blog with a few of the pictures on here so keep your eyes peeled!

I also went to see the mighty Tigers at Elland Road playing Leeds United with my good friend Andy Dowson.  After paying £8 for a cod and chips, don’t ask I’m still trying to get my head round it, we arrived at Elland Road.  I was having to be clandestine as I was a Hull fan in the Leeds end of the ground.  It was not the best of nights for me with Hull losing 4-1 and having to stand and golf clap all the Leeds goals so I didn’t get beaten up.  Obviously Andy had a good night!

So exercise totals;

Cycling Commuting;  22.6km 
‘Leisure’ Cycling;       79.29km
1 x Gym Session;         30 minutes cardio (Crosstraining and rowing)
                                    Various weights
This coming week I am on annual leave so hopefully weather permitting I will be able to get out on the bike and also get three gym sessions in!

Have a great week all and take it easy!

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