Saturday, 13 August 2011

Face Roll

Hey folks,

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and texts after my spill on Wednesday.  I’d also like to thank the more humorous of you for the light hearted comments they made me smile to (I will wait for revenge of some nature).  I know they won’t see this probably but a big thanks to the Police and the Paramedics (especially the one that got my cycling cleats in his bollocks) for looking after me so well.

So this week as you can guess hasn’t been a remarkable one for exercise for me.  I went to the gym once and did around 30km on the bike commuting.  I missed the final ride with Ted and crew before his USA trip (Enjoy if you’re reading Ted).  I am going to try and get out a bit whilst Ted is away so if anyone wants to join me give me a shout!

Food wise thankfully I am not stuffing my face as my lip is swollen and my face generally hurts when I eat so I’m not eating as much as usual.  I’m thinking of starting a diet company whereby I come round each week and scrape your face on tarmac a good way to lose weight.  If anyone fancies it let me know :-)

I’ll give a brief overview of what happened to me as a few of you I haven’t seen yet.  I was cycling along Talbot Road coming up to the intersection where traffic comes from White City major junction.  I was in the cycle lane minding my own business, checking the lights and checking the road to see if I needed to stop.  Going quite slowly luckily.  The cars at the lights where parked right up to the cycle box.  I looked down as I was taking my cleat out of the pedals and a drain that was in the cycle lane, with a big gap in the side nearest the traffic it got the front wheel like a back rack and threw me over the handlebars.  My face then stopped me on the floor luckily!


The glasses have done me a proper service and stopped my eye and that area from contacting with the road.  You can see the impact area on the glasses and if I hadn’t had them on would have done some damage to my eye.  My helmet didn’t take any damage as i used my face to stop myself.  Next thing I remember is the police and then the paramedic car driving up.  Being on the spine board was fun especially as my mouth was bleeding and the trip down the path to the parked ambulance was very very bumpy (Maybe something the Ambulance service need to look at for real spinal injuries).

That is my story.  I am not sure yet but I am thinking about suing the council or at least writing a strong letter to them.  That is because of the drain in the road.  It seems dangerous to me to have a drain with a huge gap in the side of it which has shown it can trap a cycle wheel especially with so many bikes going down that road.  I’d just like to make a point to them that it is dangerous and that the cycle paths on my route to work are particularly bad.  I may even do a short video to send them of the route.

Anyways folks I’m not going to list my exercise as it is meaningless due to the accident.  Have a safe week and let’s hope there is no more rioting!

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