Sunday, 28 August 2011

Press the lever...oh!

Hey all,

Bit of a cryptic title this week and here is the reason why.  I went for a trip to Marple with Rich S ( to have a bash at some of the hills around there.  Nice ride out there even though it was raining and Andy from Evans Cycles joined us for the ride a few miles in.  We reached our first hill, which was a dip so I could gather speed going down and be half way up the other side before needing to put any serious effort in.  Needless to say wrong gear lots of effort after half way and blew the legs completely for a while.  So further in we come to a steep climb not sure what % it was but there I am battling up it thinking I am so unfit this is super hard I don’t seem to be getting any better at climbing.  Rich is alongside me I say Rich I can’t get up here it’s to hard.  Rich looks at my gears and says you are still on your biggest ring (the hard gears for people like me who are nabs on a bike) so I’m like ok ermm how do I change this?  So up until now my right hand gears didn’t seem to be working to well.  It didn’t work when I pressed it.  Rich stopped with me tinkered and all of a sudden lighter gears.  Turns out for the last 5 months I have been climbing hills on my big chain ring… good training you may say what a complete noob I say lol.  So hopefully over the next few weeks and months the climbing will become easier as I learn to use the 14 or so gears I haven’t been using…  It is a massive boost psychologically to.  I was thinking I was terribly unfit and the worst climber in the world now I reckon I will be pretty much ok!

It’s the Manchester 100mile next week so looking forward to that.  It may be a lonely trip as Mark and Lee have other commitments and Rich said he may be interested but is checking his diary!

Leisure Cycling:          109.27km

So on the food front I haven’t really managed to stick to the meat twice a week this week.  I think its going to take some getting used to.  I keep forgetting ham sandwiches etc at lunchtime class as meat lol.  It as been a better week food wise again.  Really trying to focus hard on not eating crap and keeping in shape.  The two bigger rides are helping every week.  It is coming to a point where I will have to get a turbo (indoor cycling machine) and do some stuff on the wattbikes at work due to the crappy English weather.

I also started physio (  with Marek on my shoulder this week.  Had a hard session on Friday when Marek was trying to get to the cause of the problem.  Seems my right shoulder rotator cuff is quite bruised and there is other bruising at the back of the shoulder.  Marek did a great job and will be back to see him on Wednesday.

Hope you are all well and have a great week!

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