Sunday, 23 October 2011


I was a little stumped as to what to talk about this week.  I have had an average week in the gym and on the Wattbikes so not much new there.  I’m still working hard and enjoying it but the outdoor cycling has taken a backseat now.  I am settling in to a winter training regime.

I was having a mental wobble on the Wattbike midweek I was onto my 3rd set of 5 threshold workout and was about to call it a day as I was tired.  Then I thought about some inspirational people that I have either known or know and it spurred me on to finish the workout and give me a mental boost.  This led me on to thinking about why people are overweight/obese.  Having known both ends of that particular scale it got me to thinking.  My theory is that the weight is easily gained but to gain a large amount it does take a significant amount of time.  The realisation that you have gained weight unless you monitor closely probably doesn’t dawn on you until you realise your clothes are to small etc.  In much the same way losing weight is very difficult to achieve as it relies on an individuals motivation to take a long term approach to losing the weight.  It’s not a quick battle as I am coming to realise.  I have been losing an average of about 2 pounds every two weeks.  This is healthy for me and much more sustainable then a rapid dropping of weight.  It has taken me a few months to shift a stone and a half.  The point I’m trying to make is that the battle is mostly that of attrition and whether the person has the mental strength and desire to lose weight over a long period of time.  What satisfied me whilst I sat on the Wattbike cooling down was the fact that the exercise routine is now habitual and I no longer consider it a chore.  What was also pleasing was that I found the part of me that likes to compete I’d lost it over the last ten years and it showed itself again to me.  I am looking forward to next seasons cycling!

I have given up on the food recording.  It’s a great way to ‘diet’ and I would recommend it to anyone but it’s not for me.  I am mostly eating healthily and have cut out a lot of the fast food eating etc.  I am also not eating a load of crap at work because I don’t take my wallet simple effective way of not raiding the vending machines!

Lastly my swimming session this week was very productive again doing intervals.  Four lengths flat out two front crawl and two breastroke with a 30sec interval.  40 lengths completed very pleased.  Need to get in more but my eczema does not like the pool so I will have to try something to get around it!

Leave you with a quote I like…

“People don’t always remember the words you have said to them, but they will always remember the way you made them feel” Unknown

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