Sunday, 16 October 2011

You’ve dropped something…

Hey y’all, had some positive stuff going on this week with a sprinkling of negativity and a hint of technical issues.

Still feeling a little blue over events at work.  We have a ‘team’ meeting on Thursday so I am hoping to resolve some things there.  Not sure which tact to take to be honest.  Just throw it out there or just generally chat about the issue without naming names.  I’ll have to have a think about the best way to handle things this week and see what happens.

It’s been a proper mixed bag on my favourite topic, the weather, this week.  Monday through to Thursday it was pissing it down non-stop.  It at least seemed that way.  My new mudguards are working fantastically well I am so chuffed with them.  Not having a wet arse crack when getting to work after its being pissing it down is such a good feeling.  I am deeply deeply in love with two bits of plastic.  My bike and I have had a falling out this week.  After a few shandies on Thursday night I left the bike at work as I would have been unable to cycle I don’t think.  I went to pick it up on Friday thought it’s a nice day I will walk, got all of my gear on and went to clip in and the pedals and chain are moving but not the wheel…so I had to walk the bike all the way to Evans in town to get it fixed.  On the way back something rather funny happened.  In my youth I would, with friends, drive passed people and shout out of the window “you dropped something” much to everyone’s amusement.  Someone actually did this to me on Friday and I fell for it hook line and sinker I was off back down the road looking for the wallet I had dropped before realising it was in my zip pocket in the bag what a dufus.

On to the exercise and ‘diet’ had a very good experience this week.  Managed to swim half a mile (33 lengths of a 25m pool) on Thursday.  It’s a first for me and I was more then a little chuffed.  If I am going to do a sprint triathlon next year it’s a good start.  Admittedly I need to work on keeping my stroke consistent as it was all about the breathing for the last 15 lengths or so but hey that will come.  Had a couple of very productive gym session also this week and a good Wattbike session so I am very happy with the way things have gone this week.  Dietary wise it’s also been a good week I scored 49 points (even going over a few units of alcohol on Thursday) so I am pleased with that.  I may even see if I can ‘spend’ the points somewhere.

In other news I have bought two books this week to do with cycling of course!  50 Biggest Climbs in Europe and 100 British Climbs.  I’ll be honest I didn’t know the UK had a 100 climbs to climb so should be an interesting read.  I think it may be fun to come up with some sort of chart and start to knock them off as I’m going.  Obviously the European ones will be difficult as they tend to involve mountains rather then hills.

I finally finished the physio sessions this week. Marek ( has given me some exercises to do and signed me off.  The shoulder is really good and I am well pleased with his efforts.  It did hurt for a few sessions but no pain no gain don’t they say.  I would recommend him to anyone with an injury of any type.

So take care have a good week and stay focused on your goals.

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  1. Keep it up JC & if you want to chat thru any of the work stuff - you know where i am x