Sunday, 9 October 2011


Hey folks,

Had a very strange week this week.  Had a raging sore throat for a couple of days.  So not done much in the way of exercise.  Managed to get a good gym session in the usual commuting on the Langster Steel machine and a good swimming staff training session on Tuesday, even though there were only two of us!  Not managed to get out on the bike due to the weather here in Manchester.  It’s gone from Bahamas to devil weather in a matter of days.  A brief description of the weather on Friday from my perspective;
It will be sunny and warm today but at the same time will be absolutely pissing it down.  The wind can’t decide what it wants to do so it’s going to make a headwind of epic proportions which ever way I am cycling.  The wind will also feel like you have just opened your freezer and got you head stuck in one of the draws for 5minutes.  There I think that is reasonably accurate.  It has not been joyful to cycle this week but I will have to get used to that again.  Need to sort out some winter gear warm and waterproofs!

The food monitoring (loathe to call it a diet) is going ok I missed out on total by 1 point with 47 this week so a little gutted but not overly concerned.  Lost a lot of points from lack of exercise due to the raging sore throat and not being able to get out on the bike.  It’s going to be Wattbike training I reckon from here on in I think.

Had a good physio session with master healer Marek ( including some interesting head stretching manoeuvres.  I definitely believe Marek could be an out of hour’s hit man!  Great chat about many many topics.  The pain is now gone in the shoulder and the rest of the session is a lot easier.  The man has a real talent for fixing ya couldn’t recommend him highly enough!

The title you are probably thinking is a little cryptic.  Well I am unsure if it is wise for me to start on this but I am because it will be a little bit of an outlet for me so apologies for the vitriol I am about to spout.  I like, on the most part, going to work.  I like 95% of the people I work with and the job is different everyday.  It can throw up some weird and wonderful scenarios.  This week however the 5% of people I don’t like have done their utmost to try and land me in hot water with the gaffer.  I have tried to get on with these people I have.  I have stuck up for them when no one else has, I have tried to build bridges and I have given more then one chance to these people.  However this time the bridge has firmly been set on fire, collapsed fallen to pieces and sailed off down the river out to sea and sunk to the bottom of the deepest ravine there is out there.  No way back none at all.  Something I need to speak to some people about but trying to keep my cool is not easy especially when I get to hear what they are saying when I am not there.  This week may cause me problems as I am seething and it isn’t going to take much to set me off I don’t think.  Anyways sorry to spout this but I feel better now.  Some of you will know what this is about and I appreciate the fact that some of you have taken time to speak to me about it!

Ok so positive news.  Finished the first presentation for Swim Trafford this week and both James and Emma where happy with it I believe.  I think the information will have a massively positive effect on the kids and I’m hoping we can get another 10% performance wise out of them.  I am considering posting the PowerPoint presentations on here once I have delivered them to the kids.  They are mostly going to be informative stuff about Nutrition.  I am not going into to much depth at the moment it will be basic but a good overview for what they need.  There are plans to go into more depth with a handful of the swimmers who are top end and need an edge, which I am sure I can provide.

Exercise Totals;

Cycling Commuting;   25.5km
‘Leisure’ Cycling;       0
2 x Gym Session;         30 minutes cardio (Crosstraining and rowing)
                                    Various weights
                                    15minutes stretching

Thanks for reading.  Take each moment as it comes and don’t let the b******s grind you down!

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