Monday, 20 February 2012

Happy Monday Everyone...

Ok sorry I’m a day late for avid readers and groupies (Simon Blair) but I was working all weekend and didn’t have time to put something together.   This week has been a blur it has gone that fast I am sat here trying to put my memory together so I can write something meaningful!

The rides to work have been getting easier and this weekend saw the first glimpses of daylight both in the morning and the evening which has really lifted me.  I don’t mind cycling in the dark but it is really nice to have the morning sun on your face and it’s a little warmer to.  The leg warmers are coming to the end of their seasonal usage and I will be back to just shorts soon.  I have tried a new route this week, which is definitely quicker time wise so if needed I can use that route.  It goes up through Carrington then through Sale onto Washway Road then straight back into the City.  I did have a mixed bag with the motorists on the journey back.  On the lanes outside Partington a car gave way to me and was very polite, which was very much appreciated.  Then heading into Stretford the other side some Vauxhall driving tool decided to beep at me even though I had signalled and looked for about 30 seconds and was sure he had seen me, again fluorescent clothes, lights etc.  Turns out he hadn’t seen my 3 ft arm signalling for 30secs and he used his horn.  I in turn returned the two finger salute and we had an argument at the lights when I caught up to him.  He then swerved as we left the lights as if to knock me off and if my feet hadn’t been clipped in his car would have got an imprint of my size 11.

Training wise this week where the usual Wattbike sessions.  This week however we went a little longer and did 50km in one session.  It wasn’t flat either we were trying to simulate some rolling countryside using the fan levels and the climbing mechanism.  We also threw in a couple of big climbs just for the hell of it.  The result of this was three pretty tired guys!  I have been neglecting my gym work and I think I need to get back onto this and do some core work.  This will help me keep the correct position on the bike something I need to work on.  You can see what I am talking about at my good friend Richards Salisbury’s new website for Pedal Precision  The video link is . The video is very good from a beginners standpoint but i think that a visit to see Richard is key to becoming a none achey niggling injury cyclist.  Details of how to book are on his website also.  The weight is dropping off so fast it’s not funny.  I see a point coming up where I will have to spend money on and actually go shopping for new clothes…I HATE SHOPPING!!

On the fundraising front this week again has been really great.  Karls Barber Shop on Princess Street in Manchester has been kind enough to host one of my collection tins and it’s going really well there.  The fund raising from all of you kind people is going great guns to.  I have raised over a third of the target needed, which is really awesome.  Thank you all so much.  If you’re still looking to pledge or are just reading this then you can go to  anything you can spare will be awesome! 

This week saw £89.50 raised taking the total collected to £561.50

Have a superb week, smile at people and be helpful, Karma will reward you!


  1. Thanks for the 'shout out' James! And congrats on the weight loss news, do you not like to post numbers? Interested to know how much you've lost, am sure it would be an inspiration for others about to start a similar journey too! Oh, and I will sponsor you soon, don't worry, and I'm sure you might remind us a few times in the future ;-)

    1. Hey Rich, No worries you do great work and more people should come and see you at the Velodrome! As for numbers its around the 4 stone mark i'm going off clothes and none are fitting me anymore lol. I am hoping to shift another 2 stone before June then i should be good to go!

      Did i mention i'm doing a charity cycle ride anywhere?