Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow is not good for road bikes

This week was a massive week fundraising wise.  I would just like to thank everyone who has donated so far and who have pledged to donate.  I know I have been meithering people on all fronts but the faster I can get the sponsorship raised the easier I will feel going forward.  I have to say though this week has been immense raising the highest weekly total yet of £138.50 so thank you all.  I am not sure if it is just me meithering or the deal that I have set out this week, which was if by the 31st March I have raised £750 I will cycle to work in my Tiger all in one.  This still stands by the way!  

 So far I have raised £365 of the £1500 so again thank you all!

The training has not held up this week as I have been ill with some sort of sickness and tummy upset 48 hour bug that left me weak as a kitten but a strong Wattbike session yesterday with Mark O’Reilly of 50km with a couple of big climbs has bucked my spirits up.  We also managed to get in today and do 30km plus a cardio set in the gym.  The weather has not been the best for cycling this weekend so we have been firmly entrenched in the spinning room.  I am hoping that the weather will clear up so I can get back on the bike and out and about.  It will also allow me to continue the commute to work.  As the lighter nights are setting in and there is a bit of time after work for me to get out from Partington I will be going long on the way home.

A short one this week then onward to next week!  Have a good one!

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