Sunday, 24 April 2011

Getting on it....

Hey folks.  Had a good week this week in more ways then one.  Firstly the weather has been great for cycling and has generally lifted the winter blues away psychologically to.


Cycling:  37.5km done this week commuting
Half Day Paintballing
Wattbike session: 10km
Swimming: 20 lengths (approx 1/3 of a mile)(Sprint intervals)

I finally came to the end of Lent on Friday night and proceeded to let the King of Beers back into my life along with some Aero shots (thanks Christina!) My intentions where to drink Vodka and Diet Coke but it didn’t pan out that way as I love cold Bud.  I think I came out of the night on equal terms though after 2 hours dancing (well my version of dancing anyways) and if laughing counts as calorie burning then I was definitely knocking calories off at a rate of knots.

No takeaways to report this week and a reduction in treats so that side of the bargain has been successful.  I will do a monthly way in to show my progress (or lack of it) so that will act as a motivation to me to.

Throughout this week I’m going to start looking at heart rate and training zones and put some sort of overview along with the blog next week so watch this space!

Have a good week!

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