Monday, 18 April 2011


SO how did I do this week?  Not great.  The exercise hasn’t started yet and there where two takeaways involved.  Why I hear you ask.  I really don’t know is it because I’m weak willed or just kitchen lazy… the answer is I am not sure at all.  I am aiming for a session on the wattbikes on Thursday before work and have a full day paintballing on Friday.  There is even mention of a single speed bike session over the weekend.  This is on top of what will hopefully be 3 trips to and from work (tyres permitting :-P).

On the food side its not looking great I cant seem to get in a groove.  I know I can change habits I did with alcohol from drinking two-three times a week at Uni to easily coping without drink for Lent and not really drinking much at all for the past few years.  The odd glass of wine or beer here and there but nothing on the scale of m uni years.  I think the main thing with food is taste for me.  The bad stuff tastes good and the good stuff tastes ok depending on what you have. 

So again this week I will try to abandon takeaways and make sure I eat healthily.  Easier said then done as the Mrs is going away for a few days so that to my feeble food orientated brain is an invitation to eat takeaways.  I am going to try planning out my weeks food and sticking to it!

See you in a week!


  1. Hi James,

    Just like you I was eating far too many takeaways and when I started to try and loose weight it was the hardest thing to get past. This in part was because I do all the cooking and after being on a late shift or in Uni until 8.00pm I often didn't have the energy to cook a healthy meal from scratch.

    In order to over come this I limited myself to no more than one a week and then set about making meals that I could freeze for the other nights when I didn't have the time/energy to cook. I usually cooked and froze the meat stuff eg: curry, chilly, spaghetti bolognese, mince in gravy, and then just had to heat it up and cook something to go with it (rice etc...).

    Good luck with this week X

    Susie G


  2. Hi Susie,

    Thanks for commenting makes it feel like some people are interested and makes it feel a worthwhile effort to maintain the blog.

    I will try that i need to buy some freezer containers that wont implode on my cycle to work (or from my terrible cooking lol) and i will crack on with it. We tend to freeze what we have left anyways from tea's so that is a good start.



    P.S Can i freeze rice?