Sunday, 10 April 2011

Stepping Up

So week one of the blog has passed.  You will see I have made two posts this week.  That is just because it’s the start I will try and keep it to one post a week from here on in.

I want to talk about how I’m going to achieve my goals and objectives this week.  I have set the challenge of losing 7 stone to myself which would take me down to 13 stone (for those of you not good at maths I weigh 20 stone at the moment).  My current BMI (Body Mass Index) is 33.19 this puts me in the category of obese (You can work out yours using this tool  That is a category I don’t want to be in.  Heart Disease amongst other things is increased when obese. 

So how am I going to tackle this.  I currently work shifts at a leisure centre.  Now you’re thinking how the hell can you be 20 stone and work at a leisure centre.  It’s a fair point but the last thing I want to do after an 8.0 (Avg) hour shift is go in the gym or for a swim there.  I could go for a workout before work or a swim and this is what I am going to start doing.  I already cycle to work (8km there and back) so that’s a good start and I am going to do 45 minutes in the gym twice a week to start with.  I will mostly be working on 15 minutes cardio, stretching and major muscle groups.  Exercise programme to follow!

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