Sunday, 3 April 2011

To be continued...

Hi all,

So this is the start of a two year long process for me.  I have two major aims and objectives to be fulfilled withing the next 24 months.  These are

  1. To lose 7 stone in weight
  2. To complete an epic challenge (Something on the bike as yet to be determined)
I used to be fairly fit before i went to University and let myself go a lot.  I put this down to pure laziness and to much drink and bad food with very little exercise.  8 stone later and i think damn why did i do that.  I know its going to take me sometime to lose the weight in a healthy and sustainable way but i think i am now ready to make that effort.

I intend to keep a blog which hopefully i will update every week.  I am also proposing to keep a photo journal on here but i will have to work this out :-))  so if you are squemish i wouldnt bother with that part of it.  I may even put some video together but we'll see.

Thanks all


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